What our clients faced

Company and IT department managers daily face various difficulties:


high costs

of IT infrastructure maintenance


Low efficiency of

infrastructure or its components


Security, data

storage problems


Low fault tolerance

failures, breakdowns


Lack of

necessary expertise


Infrastructure operates below

optimum efficiency


No resources

for project



hiring professional employees of IT dept


Company's data

exposure to cyber attacks

Solutions for clients

Solutions for clients

Cutting costs for

IT-infrastructure (choosing the optimal platform and software (migration to х86), monitoring of hardware, software license use). IT-infrastructure outsourcing.

Solutions for clients

Prompt solutions

Immediate response of SolidIT staff to emerged problems

Solutions for clients

Risk mitigation

Auditing security, fail-safety, backup system, DRP availability, logging of SolidIT experts' actions, etc.

Solutions for clients


Opportunity to attract additional resources for projects.

Solutions for clients

Total efficiency

of existing IT infrastructure (improving infrastructure efficiency, virtualization, complete control over resources, etc.)

Solutions for clients


We ensure clients' data security, including in cloud

Solutions for clients

Improving IT infrastructure

efficiency (identification and elimination of causes of breakdowns, improving fail-safety due to clustering)

Solutions for clients

Convenience and flexibility

in providing services, individual approach to each client.

Advantages of working with us

Advantages of working with us


the company management has successful many-year management experience in leading Russian IT and communication companies.

Advantages of working with us


a team of highly skilled experts is certified by top software and hardware manufacturers (HP, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, Huawei, Microsoft, Redhat, Symantec, Altiris, Citrix)

Advantages of working with us


over 200 specialists presented in both Moscow and all federal centers of Russia

Advantages of working with us


a wide range of services in the area of information technology from initial consultation to creating the company's IT-infrastructure on a turnkey basis


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