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IT outsourcing benefits


Cutting costs for IT-infrastructure maintenance


Enhancing the transparency of IT budgeting


Improving the quality of IT services and reliability of IT infrastructure performance


Total efficiency of IT infrastructure


Addressing the lack of competences and specialists


Ensuring data security and integrity


Minimization of losses caused by possible down-times and errors

Company's IT infrastrustructure management


DBMS (data base management systems)


Operating systems and software






Data storage




Hardware and many other things

Entrust the solution of the following tasks
to Solidit

Solving tasks

Creating fail-safe infrastructure in accordance with requirements to Customers' information systems

Solving tasks

Server infrastructure virtualization

Solving tasks

Desktop virtualization. Shifting from PC to thin clients

Solving tasks

Infrastructure migration to cloud

Solving tasks

Building a Private Cloud

Solving tasks

Enhancing infrastructure fail-safety and capacity

Solving tasks

Introducing centralized monitoring system. Building a resource service model

Solving tasks

Developing a backup system

Solving tasks

Creating a DRP plan

Solving tasks

Introducing CMDB

Why Solidit?

Why Solidit?


the company management has successful many-year management experience in leading Russian IT and communication companies

Why Solidit?


a team of highly skilled experts is certified by top software and hardware manufacturers (HP, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, Huawei, Microsoft, Redhat, Symantec, Altiris, Citrix)

Why Solidit?


over 200 specialists presented in both Moscow and all federal centers of Russia

Why Solidit?


a wide range of services in the area of information technology from initial consultation to creating the company's IT-infrastructure on a turnkey basis

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